Plein Air Pop Up Show

Masterworks approached the Plein Air group a few weeks ago and asked if we could put on a show in their Rick Faries gallery.

We responded with enthusiasm and my entries are here.



Here is the invite for the show, listing the range of painters, should be a great show, a lot of very interesting work.


Back to watercolour

Back to Plein Air and watercolour, a few recent images.

Christmas is over and its time to get back to work, the studio is quiet and I have no excuse for not getting busy.

I have been doing a lot of digital portrait work as well. Some of them are in my digital section


Digital artwork

I have started a page for my digital work, i have been using a computer and a graphics tablet since it first became possible to do so many many years ago, ( I taught Photoshop at one time, think my first version didn’t even have a number is was so new) and I still enjoy working in front of a gently glowing screen and usually play around with these images in the evening.


Peets clients

Peets clients

Vampire Lucrezia

Vampire Lucrezia

One flight one drawing

One flight one drawing

Small gouache paintings

I have been painting with gouache and getting quite excited about its possibilities, I was working on a commissioned watercolour when the client decided that they would prefer an opaque version, I suggested and did an opaque watercolour, which they loved, and the next time i was overseas in an art supply store I bought a few tubes of gouache to play with. I now have a full supply of my usual watercolour pallette. Their is not a lot of information around on how to use the  medium but very useful manual has been “Gouache for illustration” by Ron Howard and i have been playing around with it ever since. These are all on 8″x 6″ multimedia board, some with acrylic gesso on the board and some with the boards plain surface. I haven’t yet decided which I prefer. My larger  gouache pieces tend to be more watercolour like.

Travel sketches from California

Watercolours and drawings done while travelling, mostly in restaurants or from restaurants, using my trusty travelling watercolour box and Holbein sketchbook.

A busy few months

It has been a busy summer and fall. A trip to California to visit with my daughter led to a few plein air paintings in the Berkeley area and in San Francisco. I did a lot of sketches on my new Galaxy Note, a permanent replacement for my iPad now. The pressure sensitive stylus makes all the difference for me. I also replaced my iPhone with a Samsung note 3, I use it as a sketchbook that can live in my pocket. The sketchbook you have on you is the one you use.

Two hurricanes and a few weeks without power have made the last month interesting.

I have been working with gouache on small panels for the last little while. I like it.





South wind

South wind

Horseshoe Bay clouds

Horseshoe Bay clouds

Winter wave

Winter wave


I spent some time working in acrylic for a change after six months of watercolour, using Golden Open Acrylics on waterolour paper, the paint stays open just long enough to work and a touch of hairdryer drys it instantly when I want to work over a passage.



Water Ways Show opens May 2 at Masterworks


Chris Marson "Making ready"

Chris Marson “Making ready”


Molly Godet "Sunny Sunday (Old Devonshire Church)"

Molly Godet “Sunny Sunday (Old Devonshire Church)

Charles Knights "Arrival at Front Street"

Charles Knights “Arrival at Front Street”

A three person show with Molly Godet, Charles Knights and myself

There has been some confusion about the opening day, it will be this Friday. Unfortunately the printed invitation went out with an opening date which conflicted with the day of the Ag Show so the opening was changed to May.

You can see some of our work on the Water Ways page.