About Christopher Marson

Painting in the woods

Christopher is one of Bermuda’s most accomplished watercolour painters. He received his degree in Fine Arts in Canada in 1971, and was employed as a graphic designer in Canada and Bermuda. He returned to painting after coming home to Bermuda and  won numerous awards for his work which was well received in group and solo shows. Christopher has worked in watercolor for the last  30 years. He paints quickly and directly enjoying the transparency, the immediacy, and the unpredictability of the watercolor medium.

He is an enthusiastic member and sometime leader of the Bermuda Plein Air painting group and teaches workshops in watercolor and acrylic on an occasional basis. He has also been painting with oils for the last few years and has recently returned to acrylics which he started working with 30 years ago.

He is married to a teacher who is also a watercolour artist, and has a daughter who is one of his most perceptive critics.

His paintings both watercolour and opaque media are available in his studio at the Dockyard Art Centre, Windjammer II, and the Bermuda Society of Art. Please feel free to email him for further information or call him at 339-1054.