Enjoying Casein

Casien, 8" x 10", hot press paper

Shattuck Avenue Berkely California

 christophermarson, painting, outside hotel Shattuck plaza

Street painting, on location in Berkeley California

About a year ago I started working with opaque watercolour and then with gouache , I like the ability to combine the lightness of watercolour with the solidity of the gouache all in one painting, it works well for scenes with sky and water, which I do a lot of.

I was reading James Gurney’s blog, he has useful information on gouache and saw his articles on Casein and thought i would try them on my recent trip to California.

I ordered  a starter set of Shiva Casein from Dickblick and had them waiting  with my daughter when I got there.

I tried them out in the Sierra Nevada foothills where we went to see the giant sequoia groves. I really enjoyed the way they handle so much so  that I went back to Dickblick as soon as we returned to Berkeley and bought a suitcase full of paint. I have been trying them out on various surfaces ever since, so far I am having the most success with hot press watercolour paper mounted on foam board.


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