A trip to Boston and Maine, travel sketches

Some of my travel sketches, most of them are done in restaurants or when we are waiting for transportation. I name them for the place where they were done and the sketchbooks become travel diaries.

I paint them in Holbein sketchbooks and I use a winsor and newton travel box for my paints with a couple of DaVinci sable travel brushes.

My biggest problem is losing my little water bottle it looks like it belongs on the table and I seem to keep forgetting it.

Its been a while but I have been busy

I am taking part in a two person show at Masterworks with Rhona Emmerson, Oils for her and Watercolours for me.

These are some of my images.

They are taken from the work I have done over the past year. There seem to be an a lot of marines, it could be that all the boating that is going on up in Dockyard with the Americas Cup programme is having an influence.


Casein wonderful but…

dockyard work

Dockyard work, Casein 10″x 8″ SOLD

Setting the nets, Casein  10"x 8" SOLD

Setting the nets, Casein 10″x 8″ SOLD

Casein  10"x8" SOLD

Westerly waves, Casein 10″x 8″ SOLD

Casein 22"x30" $1200

Setting for Bait Casein 22″x30″ $1200

Unfortunately after nearly a year of working with it I came out in hives, I didn’t even know what they were at first but I certainly didn’t like having red itchy bumps allover my elbow pits. After a month of trying various remedies I saw the word casein and hives in the same sentence in an online post about supplements for body builders (go google). A light went on, and when I stopped using casein the hives went away.

I had just purchased a substantial quantity of  paint when I made the discovery, so I was fortunate to find a fellow painter who was interested enough to purchase it from me.

So its back to gouache for my opaque work.

I like gouache and it has some wonderful qualities but I miss my casein



Summer work

A hot hot wet summer, our watertank is overflowing in August, most unusual. I have spent most of my time in the studio, hiding out from the weather, painting with casein, gouache and watercolour. Casein is exciting, I can use it as watercolour or gouache and it is stiff enough to use like oil on canvas, I’m still exploring. Its great stuff.

This is a random selection of some of the recent work. My nights are spent doing digital portraits and renders

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Travel paintings California 2015

watercolor painting street in Columbia California

Columbia Street

watercolor, location, travel painting

Another from gate 34 JFK

Sketchbook travel paintings, done on a recent trip to California. These are the paintings that I do in restaurants, airports, cars, in fact anytime that I’m sitting and waiting. I carry a small travel pack with me everywhere I go. We were in Oakland, Berkeley, Monterey, and the Sierra Mountains, a busy trip.

Enjoying Casein

Casien, 8" x 10", hot press paper

Shattuck Avenue Berkely California

 christophermarson, painting, outside hotel Shattuck plaza

Street painting, on location in Berkeley California

About a year ago I started working with opaque watercolour and then with gouache , I like the ability to combine the lightness of watercolour with the solidity of the gouache all in one painting, it works well for scenes with sky and water, which I do a lot of.

I was reading James Gurney’s blog, he has useful information on gouache and saw his articles on Casein and thought i would try them on my recent trip to California.

I ordered  a starter set of Shiva Casein from Dickblick and had them waiting  with my daughter when I got there.

I tried them out in the Sierra Nevada foothills where we went to see the giant sequoia groves. I really enjoyed the way they handle so much so  that I went back to Dickblick as soon as we returned to Berkeley and bought a suitcase full of paint. I have been trying them out on various surfaces ever since, so far I am having the most success with hot press watercolour paper mounted on foam board.